Renzo Ampuero is an actor engaged with the intersections of theater, language, and other creative disciplines. Originally from Peru, Ampuero has performed in New York, San Francisco, Cambridge, Moscow, Lima, and Sao Paulo. He has collaborated with playwright Ellen McLaughlin and several theater companies, including Outside the WireRipe TimeTides, and la Criatura. Renzo has an MFA from The American Repertory Theater at Harvard University.

From Stage to Classroom

Ampuero’s professional experience ranges from simultaneous interpretation for immigration attorneys and top-tier technology companies, to internationally-produced bilingual theatrical productions. Vocally trained and perfectly proficient in English and Spanish, Ampuero’s passion for expressive communication extends beyond the written and spoken word and into physical space. His extensive movement and acting training also informs his social and artistic engagement within his community through live performances, educational workshops, storytelling, and creative media content.

One thought on “About

  1. Renzo is am amazingly talented artist! You will be lucky to work with him. He is insightful and passionate about what he does and his energy is electric. -Cary Cronholm Rose

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